Cutting and wear solutions with maximum precision

As a high-performance athlete, our cutting and wear tools guarantee absolute performance.


A Brazilian company, has been for over 60 years a leader and pioneer in high performance products, acting in an increasingly demanding market attending the tolerances of millesimal of millimeters and developing raw materials for each specific use.

Our Aims

  • To supply high performance products
  • To increase the process efficiency
  • To improve the quality of the final product
  • To reduce costs by campaign or consumption
ISO-9001 certified since 1994. Açokorte owns acclimatized facilities, thermal treatment and modern CNC equipment. We are able to produce tools up to 63” diameter and 275” length, in a wide variety of the most complex shapes.

Industrial markets of SEGMENT

Açokorte has the best solutions according to the needs of our customers

Main Costumers

Main Costumers

Reconditioning Service

We provide recovery services in all our products. Warranting the original performance.